IoT Denmark A/S who has the exclusive rights to Sigfox technology in Denmark, has secured a two-digit million amount in funding, effectively making it possible to establush the first nationwide network dedicated to the Internet of Things in Denmark.

The Sigfox network is on its way to Denmark. Sigfox is the first global network dedicated to the ‘internet of things’. Sigfox differentiates itself considerably from existing SIM card solutions by focusing on very low energy consumption, low prices, and a straightforward connection for end-users.

The Internet of Things (IoT), or “tingenes internet” as it is currently translated to in Danish, is a concept that involves connecting physical objects to the internet. The potential in IoT is enormous and is expected to be the largest of all technology trends that have ever taken place globally. The purpose for end-users is to be able to complete everyday tasks even easier, and in terms of industry use the Internet of Things has the potential to drastically improve business processes. There are big opportunities in the public sector for example with intelligent trafic systems.

The company IoT Denmark A/S is therefore looking forward to delivering the network which bring the future to Denmark. Here at IoT Denmark A/S in Hellerup, we are very excited that funding has now been secured.

“We are very happy to being the actual execution and are looking forward to offering the Danes and Danish companies the first dedicated IoT network in Denmark. With an expected 26 billion “things” connected by 2020 we are convinced that the technologically-savvy Danes will welcome the many opportunities that IoT brings”, says director Daniel Bachman, IoT Denmark.

Funding stems from three independent investors, one of whom is Thomas Gjørup who is a part of the family behind TOP-TOY who owns the ‘Fætter BR’ and ‘Toys “R” Us’ brands.

“It’s an area which interests me greatly and IoT Denmark simultaneously provides great synergy with my other companies such as Erik Bagger Furniture. In this respect, it would be interesting with an app where you could register your belongings to the Sigfox network and track them in case of theft”, says Thomas Gjørup who will stand as an active board member in IoT Denmark’s board of directors.

IoT Denmark has already begun installing test-sites at places like DTU and the Plesner building and expects to cover Denmark in its entirety by end-2016.

It is easy to develop for the Sigfox network and Sigfox is therefore an interesting offer for product developers and the entrepreneurial community. There are at the time of writing more than 100 Sigfox products spanning widely from intelligent water meters to home alarm systems. Furthermore, many existing products would benefit from transfering to the Sigfox network. This is the case for the Danish company Kamstrup who has just won their largest case to date in cooperation with Sigfox regarding the monitoring of water usage and leakages in Belgium. Sigfox already has nationwide coverage in France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal, and are currently expanding in 20 countries including England, Ireland and the United States. The Sigfox network current has more than 7 million connections which exceeds all competing networks.

About the Internet of Things

Throughout the 1990s a billion users connected to the internet and a decade later another 2 billion users connected through the cellphone wave. IoT is considered the third wave in the development of the internet, but while the first two preceeding waves connected people, the IoT focuses on connecting things. The potential of IoT is enormous and is expected to the largest technology expansion ever witnessed globally.

About the Sigfox network

Sigfox is the world’s leading network provider dedicated to the Internet of Things. The network supplements existing high-capacity systems (GSM) by delivering simple, inexpensive, and energi-saving two-way communication of small messages over long distances, thereby reducing the barrier for widespread implementation of IoT solutions. The technology increases the battery lifetime considerably for connected devices and extends their lifetime by up to 15 years total. Currently the network is either fully established or being established in 24 countries while over 7 million devices have been registered online. Sigfox is currently the only commercially available dedicated infrastruction solution for the Internet of Things and the company behind the network have offices in Boston, Dubai, Madrid, München, San Francisco og Singapore. For more information, visit

IoT Denmark A/S

IoT Denmark A/S are the exclusive Sigfox provider and maintains the network in Denmark. IoT Denmark’s main business function is being a network operator and selling subscriptions to access the network. Customers therefore do not have to worry about network or infrastructure whatsoever.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Bachmann, Director, IoT Denmark A/S, M: +45 2268 9999

Peter Hedberg, Sigfox Sales Director, Nordics, M: +46 709 479226