The shareholders of the IoT Group have elected Jukka Pertola as new Board member, and subsequently, the Board of IoT Group has elected Jukka Pertola as the new Chairman of the Board. The IoT Group, located in Hellerup, is a startup company and consists of the companies IoT Denmark A/S, IoT Solution A/S and International IoT Distribution A/S, all of which have Internet of Things as a common focal point.

Jukka Pertola, 58, started his career at Siemens in 1984 and in 2002 he became the CEO of the Siemens Group in Denmark. In the autumn of 2017 he resigned from Siemens to attend the work as a chairman of several Danish companies, among others Leo Pharma, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Tryg and Cowi. To the change of leadership, the retiring chairman and co-founder of the IoT Group, Michael Ziegler, said:

“The board of the IoT Group is excited that as a startup company in a completely different scale than the other companies in which Jukka Pertola participates, we still managed to attract him as chairman of our board. Already in the early start of the company in 2014/2015, my thought was to be in office for just a short period of time.

I am therefore pleased to pass the baton to such a skilled and respected person as Jukka Pertola. I look forward to working with him on the board, where I will continue as a member. The board of the IoT Group also includes representatives of our investors as well as Professor Jan Damsgaard, Head of Department at The Copenhagen Business School and member of the government’s disruption council, so it is a really strong team”.

In addition to his experience as the CEO of Siemens for 15 years, Jukka Pertola has many years of involvement in board’s work in several other tech-companies, but it is especially his experience from Siemens that Jukka Pertola will draw on as the Chairman of the Board of the IoT Group. Jukka Pertola emphasizes that his business experience from a global company within industrial and process optimization combined with the IoT Group’s know-how, that will provide great opportunities for developing and marketing IoT solutions.

“I think the IoT Group and the companies in the group have made a sensible strategy so this I have no intent of changing. A good technological infrastructure has already been established, so now the focus is helping the Danish companies – big and small as well as new and already established companies – to understand and apply the technologies of Industry 4.0. This is above all my main purpose as the new chairman of the board, “says Jukka Pertola.

“I also look forward to the new collaboration with Jukka Pertola. At the same time, I would like to thank Michael Ziegler, whom I started the company for his great work in the start-up phase, “says Daniel Bachmann, Managing Director of the IoT Group.